AI Software for the analysis of eye movements, facial expressions, and body language.

IQ SENSE is an AI software that has been developed by members of the global tech network Codexus in collabo­ration with a leading univer­sity in the USA.

During a five-month learning period, where 500 hours of video re­cordings were used as a ba­sis, the graphics algorithms managed to detect over 200,000 combinations of fa­cial expressions that could be linked to the subjects' logical, emotional, creative, and social intelligence, called LECS Q.

During a test run in February 2024, the software managed to determine the individuals' correct LECS Q 87% of the time with a mar­gin of error of only 2.36%.

IQ SENSE is part of an international research project with the aim of finding out the importance of logical, emotional, creative, and social intelligence (LECS Q) for democratic and successful leadership.

The basic thesis states that authoritarian decisionmakers have lower LECS Q than leaders of free and democratic countries. Is this correct? Would the world look different if all citizens made higher demands on their elected officials? Is such an approach a threat to democracy?

The goal of the project is to devel­op AI-generated models that simulate future global leadership based on low, medial, and high LECS Q.